Theatrical Compositions II: "... OR NOT TO LOVE»

Days: February 6,7,13,14,20,21,27,28
Time: Wednesday
20:00 & Thursday  22:00
Tickets (general admission): 10 €
Duration: 70 '

A performance-composition on the work of Shakespeare. "To love ... or not to love? '.

4+1 Shakespeare couples expose different facets of love in two acts and a theatrical intermezzo.
Romeo and Juliet, Benedict and Beatrix, Petroukios and Katerina, Othello and Desdemona, Aphrodite and Adonis.

"For the last goodbye, why give prophetic
From now and forever, love will carry sorrow
At each step will haunt jealousy
Sweet it'll be the beginning, but the bitter end
Never isomoirasmena. When the bitterness, when the sweetness will avgatainei
The joy of sorrow before the Leipzig always comes [...]
After the unjustly shed my love left me impoverished
Do not save and enjoy the sweetness of even the most love "

How will the curse affect those who enjoy the pleasure of love? Where would lead them? A suicide, a crime of passion, a battered woman ... and a happy end!

Translation: Henry Belies
Text composition-Director: Catherine Papanastasatou
Music: Stavros Diamantopoulos
Edited scene space: Gkentsi Routsis
Costumes: Sophia Sarakasidou
Directed video: Paris Patsouridis
Lighting: Christina Thanasoula
Photos: Alexandra Masmanidis
Cast (in order of appearance): Harry Tzortzakis, Ariadne Cavaliers, George Paraschos, Roxanni Vlassis, Flavius ​​Neagu, Sophia Sapriki, Manthos Kalantzis, Iphigenia Koskina
And the video: John Diamantis, Monica Kolokotronis.




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